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Single day car insurance - it's fast and easy to buy!

need to buy car insurance for just one day? Short term insurance on a daily basis is easy to buy if you qualify, and is much cheaper than it used to be.

How much does 1 day insurance cost?

It varies according to things like the driver's age, driving experience, licence details, accidents, convictions, address, occupation etc but it only takes a few seconds to get a quote.

How do I get a quote?

You'll need the registration details of the car you want to insure, or at least the make and model. To buy a policy you'll also need your driving licence details. If you're a UK visitor you'll need to have the postcode of an address in the UK where you can be contacted.

Fill in the short form and you'll get a quote if the insurance company accepts the application. This should take less than one minute. If you want to go ahead and buy the policy it will take just a couple of minutes more to fill in the details and pay by credit card.

How do I get the insurance certificate?

You're sent a link you can download it from. Either print your insurance documentation straight away or keep a note of the link so that you can prove that you're insured if necessary.

How quickly can I get insured?

Straight away if you wish, or you can book a day and time in the near future if you wish. Either way you get a full 24 hours of cover from the time you want the policy to commence.

How do I qualify?

Motor insurers all have different criteria but in general you'd need to be at least 19 and under 75 with a reasonable driving and conviction record. Unless you are a learner you'll need to have held a full licence for at least a year, issued in the UK, EU or certain Commenwealth countries. If in doubt get a quote, you'll soon find out if the insurer's happy with you.

What sort of car can I insure?

The car should be an unmodified, recent model in good condition, taxed and MOT'd, and originally registered and kept in the UK. You should either own it, or have borrowed it with the owner's knowledge and permission. There is no upper limit on the car's value but no more than £40,000 will be paid out if it is written off.

Is acceptance guaranteed?

No. Every short term insurance company has an approved list of cars and if the one you want to insure is not on this list it cannot be covered by that company. Whether or not a driver is acceptable on the grounds of age, experience, possible accidents/convictions etc is at the discretion of the insurer.

Where can I drive it?

The car will be insured comprehensively for travel in the UK, or the equivalent of third party only throughout the rest of the EU. There is an option to upgrade this European cover to comprehensive for a small extra premium. Your journey must begin, and end, in the UK.

Can I buy roadside recovery?

Yes, roadside assistance and recovery, for either the UK or Europe, are available as optional extras.

Is it safe?

Hundreds of thousands of short term policies are now sold every year. Insurers in the UK are heavily regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to ensure that they not only treat clients fairly but stay sufficiently solvent too. The FCA also run a compensation scheme as a fund of last resort for clients that cannot get their claims paid in the unlikely event of an insurer going bust.

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